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Elway Tours is one and only sales representative of Hair Hospital Turkey in England

Basically, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is the most modern hair transplantation technique which is applied in the world and Turkey. After hair follicles are extracted, the results will be natural. In this process, living hair follicles are taken and they are transferred one by one into bald part of the head. With this technique, the patient doesn’t have scar contrary the other old-fashion techniques.

As individual follicles are removed, it only leaves small, puncture scars, which are practically invisible to the naked eye. There is hardly any post-surgical pain and discomfort – with the average recovery time being less than 7 days.


Director of hair transplantation and Medical Aesthetic

Hair Hospital Turkey A Team 🙂

Numbers From Hair Hospital Turkey

Years Ago Hospital Established

Years Ago Hair Transplantation Departmant Established

Hair Transplantation Operations

The service is amazing, the staff are friendly and helpful. The Rooms are clean and quite. They take care of you on daily. Basis , even they don’t forget give you your medicine even if you are going out. My translator Chaglar was always nice for me whenever I wanted whatever I wanted. All the staff that were in the hospital helped me with everything. They are professional, friendly and worth.

Patient – Dubai

“First and foremost, I would like to thank Tayfun Turhan who assisted me throughout the whole process. His support was excellent. Coming into a country that I have been before and not understanding the language, Tayfun made me very comfortable. The doctors were great and very friendly and helpful, especially Azel. She was most professional. I have no regrets, if I knew the operation is so easy and painless, I would have done it years ago. If I ever need a second operation, I will definitely travel from Australia again.”

Tony G.

“First of all we want to say thanx to all the doctors that made a fantastic job . All the personal are kind, helpful and very generous and that’s a really good thing. We really did have a great time here with you all and it was a really nice experience.

Best regards from Damir, Roger, Dimitrios and Francisco. PS: We want to thank all good looking ladies and Mr. Tayfun.”

Damir Roger, Dimitrios and Francisco

“First of all, thanks to all workers & Doctors in this amazing hospital. Especially, Dr. Kemal and Dr. Tayfun and the operation team. It was a wonderful experience for us. Nice to meet you all. Thanks again for everything. “

Essam Abahmida – Libya

“Thank you very much for everything and for your hospitality. So kind from you, I’ll never forget all the staff. It was really good.”


About Hair Hospital Turkey

Hair Hospital Turkey has been in service for 19 years in our Full-fledged Private Hospital which has been in service for 36 years and one of the pioneer private hospitals which brought the hair transplantation operations to Turkey.

Elway Tours is one and only sales representative of Hair Hospital Turkey in England

Hair Hospital Turkey the first hospital follows the technique “FUE (Follicular Unit Transplantation)” and “Minimicro Grafting” in Turkey. Also, they made these techniques popular widespread the country by giving seminars and conferences. Hospital attracts foreign patients from 47 countries each year.

The operations are maintained by only doctors. Our doctors and assistants are followed the proven methods of success in hair transplantation procedures. Each year, our physicians are participated to the International Congress and Convention (ISHRS) as speaker and also shared their experience with the world by typing in international medical journals.


All Inclusive VIP Hair Transplant Package

As Elway Tours, we are presenting all-inclusive packages. Thus, the patients don’t have to think about some hesitations such as “Where should I stay?” or “How will I reach the hospital?” and so on. Owing to having 10 years’ experiences, we can easily understand your hesitations. We are also presenting you half day, daily tour or turkey packages after your surgery. You can get relax and improve your motivation without getting tired after your operation.

Day 1: Picking up from the airport, arriving to the hospital, pre-consultations and blood analysis.

Welcome to Turkey. We will pick you up from the airport by Luxury Cars and bring to our Private Hospital. After you leave your language and staff, you will have your Pre-Consultation (explaining the process, defining the hair lines, double check for your donor area and hosting area). We will also make your Blood Analysis. Then you will have a rest for the Operation day.

Day 2: Hair Transplant Operation and Hair Therapy

Hair Transplant operation generally takes about 4-8 hours depending on the Graft number. With sedation, the operation is PAIN-FREE. After the operation finishes, you will have a hair therapy which support your healing. You will be supported with the medicine package and well-informed how to use them.

Also you will be under control of Nurses for 24 hours. This is the best part of having your hair transplant in a PRIVATE HOSPITAL. If you have any question, you can directly ask to a nurse.

Day 3: Medical Dressing and resting

This is the day for your resting. You will be visited from our staff and controlled during the day.

Day 4: First washing of the head, second Hair Therapy and dropping off to the airport

You will have your first washing with our doctors and they will explain you how you have to wash your hair during the healing time. Also you will be well-informed about “after operation periods” and you will have your second Hair Therapy. When you fell yourself well-informed and ready, we will drop you off to the airport. Enjoy your new looking.

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