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  • Best private hospitals for your operations
  • An English Company with a Turkish founder, best match for you
  • 24/7 language support by WhatsApp and telephone calls
  • Exclusive deals with special rates
  • Expert help 24/7
  • No hidden extras
  • Secure bookings
  • Best Hotels selections
  • Fully accredited by Association of Turkish Travel Agencies
  • Licensed Tour Guides
  • Comfortable and best suitable vehicles for families/groups etc.
  • Professional Tour operators whom can arrange best itineraries

Elway Tour is an English Company with a Turkish founder. Our founder was born in Izmir/Turkey. He graduated from Tourism and Hotel Management High School and from Mustafa Kemal University with a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hotel Management. As he loves tourism and wants to improve himself on the field of tourism, he completed his Master of Arts (with thesis) degree on Tourism Management and made a unique research (subject: Assessing the significance of upselling on sommelier profession) in Turkey.

As he loves to travel and visit new places, he had a number of vacations. He participated in too many attractions and activities. This is why he can understand your desires easily and guide you for the exact services and products.

He also worked in the most popular and biggest theme park, Walt Disney World, and he was the only qualified one, among the 250 participants, who was selected by the representatives to work in front office department.

During his education life, he visited 12 European countries and 3 states of America. He had educations on these countries as well. He can speak Turkish, English and French.

During his 16 years’ tourism education and experiences, he visited to Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria, Holland, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Orlando, Miami, New York and now he lives and works in England.

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How You Get Turkish Visa in 5 Minutes?

If you have a UK passport, you can apply for e-visa. It is 20 Dolar (about 15 pound, depends on the exchange rates) and only takes 5 minutes to have it. To check the fees for e-visa please visit http://www.mfa.gov.tr/data/KONSOLOSLUK/vize-harc-miktarlari-en.pdf

To apply for e-visa, please visit https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/

For other country passports please check the link.

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